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Handmade Wooden Puzzles

  • $ 215.00

These are made using a unique technique of sculpting and puzzling a single piece of wood into 3 dimensional interlocking puzzles. The beauty of fine woods and painstaking craftsmanship are joined into something that is elegant, challenging, and fun!

Moose with a leaf inside (12" x 10")

Grizzly with a salmon inside (11"x 7")

Polar bear with a cub inside (12" x 6")

Small Whale with Jonah inside (6" x 1.5")

Large Whale with Jonah inside (10" x 3")

Wolf with a moon inside (12" x 9") (SOLD OUT)

Fish with a small fish inside (8" x 3")

Brontosaurus with dino egg inside (12" x 5")


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