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Alaska Moosetard

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Moosetard gourmet coarse ground mustards offer flavors as unique and wild as Alaska. 7.5 oz. Made in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Alaska Wild Fire Moosetard is a smoky, medium-hot mustard which contains horseradish and over five different types of peppers. You'll taste the richness of the peppers without sacrificing the flavor to the heat. Excellent glaze for prime rib.

Pick Axe Porter with Molasses is a dark beer mustard with a full rich flavor. This mustard is made with Pick Axe Porter from Silver Gulch Brewery in Fox, Alaska, the northern most brewery in the U.S. Great on beef or sausages.

Alder Smoked is a complex mustard with a rich, deep, smoky flavor. This mustard is made with whole brown and yellow mustard seeds that have been naturally smoked in an Alaskan smoke house. Our local customers love it with a platter of smoked salmon, cheese and crackers. This mustard is great on anything, but is fantastic with salmon.

Old 55 Pale Ale with Roasted Garlic is for beer and garlic lovers, made with Old 55 Pale Ale from Silver Gulch, America's Northern most brewery in Fox, Alaska. We slow roast our garlic cloves whole in the bulb until they are completely caramelized. This mustard is awesome on its own and makes everything from steaks to tofu dogs taste great.

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