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Denali Dreams Handmade Soap

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Exceptionally mild, creamy, natural soap with a rich lather that moisturizes as it cleans. There's even one for the dog! Choose from: Wild Blueberry (blueberry scent), Alaska Winter (superior moisturizing soap), Tundra Rose (rose geranium), Fireweed (gardenia, lemongrass & tangerine), Forget-Me-Not (lavender-oatmeal), Wild Iris (floral and berry), Alaska Wild Cranberry (cranberry scent), Aurora Soap (lavendar, rosemary), Alaska Glacier Glow (made with mineral-rich glacial silt, scented with pine, eucalyptus, sage & laurel berry), Denali Dreams Orange Spice (orange, cinnamon, clove, paprika), Klondike Kate's Creme Complexion Cake (avocado oil, fine grain oats), Soapy Smith's Saturday Night Special (ginger, lime, bay), Kitchen Soap (cinnamon scent, super long-lasting, mildly abrasive to remove strong kitchen smells), or Dog Wash (naturally hypoallergenic with neem and castor oil, and scented with peppermint, wintergreen, and cedarwood to repel bugs)! 3.5 oz. Each order contains 3 soaps.

Denali Hand Soap Sampler contains 8 sample size soaps: Denali Dreams, Forget-Me-Not, Kodiak Brown, Tundra Rose, Arctic Breeze, Polar Blast, and Kitchen Soap varieties. A great way to try a bit of each!

Made in Alaska.


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